Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hatching Eggs Part Two

This post is way over due! The chicks that hatched from the eggs we incubated are now 5 1/2 weeks old! 6 out of the 12 eggs hatched. I've heard that 50% hatch rate isn't bad the first time around. The first chick hatched on April 11th and the last on April 13th. The last one to hatch needed some help. It took so long that it was actually partly stuck to it's shell when I finally got it out. Sadly, it also had a splayed leg. I attempted to band it to it's other leg but it's leg ended up over correcting itself and now crosses behind it's good leg. Despite this, it gets around very well. I've named all the chicks. I'm 100% sure Pearl and Ebony are girls. I'm 100% sure Stu is a boy. I think Marsala is a boy. I'm not sure about Mabel and Forrest. I'm definitely keeping Pearl. I feel especially close to Pearl since I watched her the most before she hatched and I got to watch her hatch. Ebony has a home with a local family who just recently lost all their hens to a dog once they rebuild. The others may be going back to live with the friend who gave us the eggs to hatch...Stu is for sure! For now, I'm waiting to see who's a roo and who's a pullet.

Now for the pictures!!

The following is pictures from the last time I candled egg K (who's now called Pearl) and her hatching.

Only a couple days old:
Stu and Ebony

Marsala and Mabel

Pearl and Forrest

About a week and a half old:
Mabel and Pearl

Ebony and Stu

Marsala and Forrest

There will be more about the chicks in my Urban Homesteading May Update coming in a few days.

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