Monday, April 15, 2013

March 18th - April 14th in Pictures

Wow, I'm behind! This should be a month worth of pictures but I forgot to take pictures about 10 of those days. Oops!! Some of the days will just be teaser pictures b/c I took a lot of pictures that day. Be on the look out for posts about Maddy's 4th birthday, Sean starting soccer and our eggs hatching. Hopefully it won't take me long to finish those posts.

Now, on with the show!

March 18th
Someone found a lost marker...

March 19th
First time doing a word search

March 21st

March 24th
We live near train tracks but it's very rare for a steam engine to go by so we went to watch.

March 26th
Sleepy baby

March 27th
Sean's first time at soccer!

March 30th
First butterfly sighting of the year!!

April 1st
First over wintered butterfly to be released.

Lunch on the porch on a beautiful day!

April 4th
More soccer

April 6th
Birthday party teaser

April 7th
It's not child labor when they want to do it, right?

April 8th
Loving the beautiful weather we're having!

April 9th
A surprise litter. Cottontail turned out to be Mopsy's brother, not sister. She had 9 kits. None made it. We'll try again soon...except Peter will be the daddy.

April 10th
It's too nice out to do school inside.

April 11th
Day 20: first pip (there will be more in a later post)

April 12th
Day 21: another pip (there will be more in a later post)

April 13th
Up to 5 chicks!

April 14th
Our last chick to hatch. It had a splayed leg. This picture is after a day of having it braced to the other leg. It still needs to be braced but the fact that it's standing on it's own is a big improvement.

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