Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sean, the Soccer Star, Update: May 2013

Around the end of last year Sean had begun talking about wanting to take soccer. After our experience with dance, I was a little hesitant. He was persistent so this spring we signed him up for soccer shots. Soccer Shots is an 8 week program for 3-5 year olds. We didn't have to buy any equipment, cleats or uniforms. The kids just go in sneakers and play clothes, ready to play. I liked that because if things went like it did with dance, we wouldn't be out a lot of money. It's also not competitive. On soccer island, as they call the soccer field, they learn soccer skills by playing games, like when they pretended to be bees and had to keep their honey (ball) away from the bear (coach). At every weekly session they take turns dribbling the ball down the field, into the goal. They also split up into two teams to play a soccer game but score is not kept. I can't say enough good things about the program. The coaches were awesome, even when the 3 year olds would get distracted picking flowers or eating grass. The only down fall is it only goes to age 5 so Sean will out grow it soon;  the fall season will end just 2 days before he turns 6. Sean had a blast at soccer and is already talking about the summer season. I loved watching how he blossomed out on the field. Even the first day, he'd run out onto the field without as much as a glance back to me. He was quick to answer questions the coach asked. He was so outgoing! I'm very proud of him.

Pictures from Sean's last Soccer Shots session:

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