Friday, September 14, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 2 Months

Check out that picture! I keep looking at it because it makes me so happy. The last time I wrote about my fitness goals and weight loss I was a month into Weight Watchers and had lost about 10 lbs. The picture on the left at the top is from then. The shorts I'm wearing in both pictures fit perfectly when I started. Between the two pictures I only lost about 3 lbs but I wouldn't think that was true if I went by how my pants fit. I would think I had lost more than I did the first month. I'm still another 10 lbs or so from my goal but I'm very happy with my progress. I still need to start working out though...

Since I hope to be packing up my shorts and bringing out the fall attire, I'm creating a new starting point with my jeans that I couldn't button at the beginning of my weight loss journey. 

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