Saturday, September 29, 2012

Emily: 9 Months

"Oh mama, not the camera again!

Here we go again: where is the time going!? My little baby is 9 months old today. She's not very little anymore but she's still such a joy! I don't have stats for her because some how her 9 month appointment was scheduled for mid October. Our home scale says she hasn't gained anything but I know that can't be right. She has really taken off on eating solids. Still no teeth but that's not stopping her! She's had some foods that I hadn't planned on giving her yet thanks to her big siblings. She really likes those cheesy scrambled eggs! She crawls a very unique crawl. She crawls with one leg in front and one behind her. She's also working really hard to pull up. She can get onto one foot and one knee and then doesn't know what to do next. I don't think it'll be long!

Daddy has become her favorite person, unless she wants to nurse and well, only one person will do then. When hubby gets home he has to pick her up and hold and talk to her for a little while or she will throw a fit. That's another new thing this month. She's learned to throw fits. Oh what fun are they! Her favorite time to do it, other than when she wants daddy, is when she doesn't want her diaper changed. She arches her back, screams swats her arms and legs. Being carried still calms her down very nicely. I've finally master the back carry with my Mai Tei and Em loves it!

This week's Project 52 theme is collections. Well, I couldn't think of what to photograph so I've included a collection of outtakes from today's photo shoot.
It isn't easy photograph a squirmy baby in a rocky chair:

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  1. I like your series of shots as a collection, great interpretation on the theme.