Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kids Say: April-May

Sean- "You know who makes orange juice? The oranger. He's a boy. Girls don't know how to make oranges."
Me- "Yes they do. I know how to make oranges."
Sean- "Well, the girl oranger is sick and can't make them anymore."

Sean- "When Emily gets a big girl, we don't have a bed for her!"
I explained the loft bed we have that will eventually be Maddy's and how Maddy's bed will be Emily's.
Sean- "When you have another baby, will it be a boy or'll be a boy and I'll get an upper and lower bed!"

Sean is acting silly.
Richard "What's wrong with you?"
Sean "I'm your son!"

Maddy "When I'm done being 3, I'll be 16!"

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