Friday, July 30, 2010

Sean's GI Appointment

Today I took Sean to see a gastroenterologist (GI) for the first time. This was the next step in finding out if there's a medical reason for him being so small. After our experience with the endo, I was very pleased to find a doctor that was caring, had great bedside manners, and explained things well.

He pointed out that Sean did grow well between 18 and 30 months. He explained that that, along with Sean's lack of other symptoms, was why he wasn't very concerned. Like Sean's ped, he did agree that it's a good idea to look into causes...better now than later. BTW he did not grow but an ounce in the last 3 months, nothing in height. He explained 3 options and then left it to me want I wanted done.

Options from most invasive to least:
Option 1- we will not do for a long time, unless there are signs that show up saying we should. Option 1 would be putting him under general and putting an endoscope down his esophagus. He didn't explain this too much because I decided that we would wait after he described how it was done. Just putting him under general is risky. He himself thought it was too invasive at this point.

Option 2- we are waiting until after Sean's endo appointment in October to decide. Option 2 would be to redo the blood tests they did in May 2009. He says there's always a possibility that something could have changed. We'll wait to see if the endo orders blood tests and maybe have them done at the same time.

Option 3- we are doing. We will collect urine and stool samples.

Urine sample will be tested for sodium, potassium, and chloride. These electrolytes can give insight into how the kidneys are working.

Stool sample will be tested for several things.
Occult blood- blood could be in the stool for several reasons.
Reducing substances- this would point to malabsorption of sugars.
Qualitative fat- this would point to malabsorption of fat
PH- this would be lactose intolerance
Fecal elastase- this would point to problems pancreas or small bowel

The doctor also suggested that we go ahead and give him a pediasure everyday instead of just when he's not eating well. He said that while his calorie counts were good, some kids just need more. He did not say that this was the reason for Sean's size but just merely a suggestion as it can't hurt.

We go back Oct. 15th for a follow up.

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