Monday, July 19, 2010

Sean's test results from 7/13/10

I just got a call from the ped's nurse. Sweat test came back 100% normal.

Sean during the sweat test:

Bone age is slightly older. The nurse said it's ok but the endo will discuss it more with us. I'm so confused! The ped told me that we wanted his bone age to be younger. Older would indicate a problem. Sean's endo appointment isn't until Oct. 7th . I called to see if I could get an earlier appointment so that we could discuss the results....they don't have any earlier. :(


  1. Did a dr. other than the endo order those tests? With all of P's problems i've learned to be overly proactive. I would call and tell them not being able to get you in until October is there issue, not yours & you want a nurse/pa/dr. to call you and give you some idea of what that could mean.

  2. I don't know how I missed your comment until now. It did turn out that everything was ok. The endo took a look at the scan when we went for the follow up and said it was right on track. It was the general pediatrician that ordered the scan.

    Here's the update: