Friday, September 19, 2008

12 week check up

I had my first appointment with my midwife today and found out that we are having another stubborn baby. She tried to use the doppler to find the heartbeat and heard nothing so she went to get the ultrasound machine. Sure enough, baby is fine, strong heartbeat but laying too low to be heard on the doppler. Peanut did the same thing the first time we tried to hear him on the doppler. The good thing about it is I got another print out.

Last week we went to the tour of the midwifery center. I am so excited. Finally someone who understands that pregnancy and birth are normal and doesn't require medical intervention. The rooms are wonderful...queen size bed, jacuzzi tub to labor and birth in, birthing balls and stools, fridge/freezer. I will not have an IV stuck in me and will not have continuous monitoring (contractions and baby's heartbeat). I'll be able to get up and walk around, get in the tub, shower..whatever feels best. I will eat and drink as I feel necessary. They will not give me pitocin or any medication to speed up labor or pain...usually makes for more problems anyways. They will not break my will break when its ready and they will not induce until 42 weeks. They will let my pregnancy and labor run its course like it should...without intervention. Unlike an OB, my midwife won't show up just to catch the baby. She will be with me the whole time for support. Just knowing that I've finally found someone who gets it makes me so excited and happy.

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