Monday, September 8, 2008

10 Months

I normally don't post monthly updates on Sean but he has learned so much in the last month I want to brag on him. He's finally switched from 3 naps to 2 a day..and he sleeps an hours or two later in the morning now. He took his first steps back in July but barely did any walking. In the past week or two he's really taken off with it and been practicing like crazy. He can now walk across the room by himself. I love his little wobbly walk and the look of pride on his face.

His second tooth has came through and he's really taken an interest in solids...eats a lot now. No one can eat around him without him begging for some. He LOVES pasta, yogurt, meats, veggies...well just about anything. lol The funny thing is he hates spoons unless you're giving him yogurt or a bite of ice cream (he doesn't get much) but has no problem with the fork. His favorite by far are fingers though.

He's really trying to communicate. If he can't say something he'll point at it and grunt. He says dada but not mama yet. When DH gets home he'll look out the window and say " a da a dad" but any other time it's "dada". One morning Richard kept hitting the snooze button so Sean woke up, rolled over, started hitting DH saying "dada dada dada". He loves Annabelle and Precious (really loves to tackle them) so it didn't surprise me when he tried to say dog and cat. Dog is dog without the "g" at the end and cat is "kiki". At Busch Gardens we watched to wolves and the whole time he was pointing at them saying "dog dog". It was too cute! His favorite word is "uh oh". He says it whenever he drops or throws something or he falls down. The other day at my parents house he pointed at my dad and said "Gamp". He hasn't said it again but I have a feeling Granddad may be Gamp. When he claps he'll say "ayyyyy!!" for yay. He just started saying his newest word the last couple days. When he wants to nurse he'll say "M" but he drags the two sounds out so it sounds like "eemmm".

I think that's all the new things lately. It's amazing how much he's changed lately. Most of this has been in the last couple weeks...some in the last couple days. Every day he continues to amaze me.

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