Friday, October 14, 2016

Fitness Friday {10.14.2016}

Baby Sam doing his ab workout:

Isn't Sam a cutie!? Leg lifts and crunches are his new favorite thing to do. I wish I had his determination.

My fitness journey has been a rollercoaster. ...a rollercoaster that I am so ready to get off of. However, I still have another 15-25 pounds I'd like to lose, I've been trying through trial and error (lots of error it seems) to figure out what works. Unfortunately, diet wise, low carb seems to work the best for me. It sucks, It really does. Carbs are so tasty but I need to do what works, right? That's what I did this past week and today's weigh in revealed 1.6 pounds lost!! Yay!!

The other part of this equation is working out. I actually have not lifted weights in a few weeks. Mostly b/c I'm having a hard time with motivation to get my butt to the gym in the time I have with our crazy schedule. But also because I'm not sure what I should be doing....bodyweight, light weights, or heavy weights....low reps or high reps...mostly weight lifting or mostly cardio...etc. What I have been doing is practicing yoga regularly and doing more cardio (running and walking)....and of course 2 dance classes a week.

This week's plan:
-Continue with the low carb (with a cheat meal once a week)
-Do something active each day: dance class, run, walk, and/or yoga
-Figure out a workout plan

Lastly, check in again here next Friday. See you then!

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