Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Resolutions Revisited {Reevaluated}

1:Reading and learning more sign language: Fail...no reevaluating this one. I just need to try harder.

2: Crochet a granny square a day for my blanket: So-so...I've missed a couple of days but then made them up...until I missed yesterday.
{Reevaluated} I will crochet or knit everyday it just might not be a whole square or a square at all. One of the days I didn't do a square was b/c a knitted a hat. Also, I contacted the local children's hospital and found out that they take handmade items (wasn't sure since they don't take stuffed animals). I want to start making hats and baby blankets to donate.

My blanket so far and the squares I made last week but haven't attached yet.

3: Fitness:
*eat right and log it: check! I've been good about this everyday: MyFitnessPal
*weights 2-3 times a week: uh....needs work lol I did make it to the y once and did weights. I have plans to go twice this week.
 {Reevaluated} I'm bumping my weights goal down to 2x a week. Once this becomes routine I may add the 3rd day.
*30 Days of Yoga: check! I haven't missed a day! I am absolutely loving the 30 days of Yoga with Adriene  Yoga makes me feel great and I'm seeing progress in my flexibility already. I had planned to do the daily video in the morning but I like sleep too much to get up earlier than I need to. I've been waiting till the kids go to bed and am loving it. It's the perfect way to end the day. I have noticed that I need to lock the dogs out of the room while I practice unless I want them to participate. 

Downward dog = kisses from the dog

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