Friday, January 2, 2015

Kids Say {And Other Cute Moments}: Long Overdue Update

This is way way overdue but thanks to my posts on facebook, I'm able to look back and recover some of these moments that I want to remember and share. The last time I did this was the beginning of March 2014 so this will be a pretty long post. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

  • 11:00 New Year's Eve: Em "Can we go to bed now!?"
  • According to Emily I don't do yoga, I do "yoger".
  • I asked Em what did she want for her birthday dinner. Her answer: cake!
  • Em told me that she has a skeleton butt... ???
  • When I went to see Wicked it was on the same stage that Maddy has her dance recitals. She told me that she wanted to go with me so she could see how they would have her stage set up. 
  • Em's nose is running but instead of asking for a tissue she told me "I want you to catch my nose!"
  • Dad asked Em if she wanted to go to Red Lobster. Her response was "We can't eat red monsters!!"
  • Today was the 3rd day this week that Em has come in my room at 6:30, climbed in my bed, and told me "want snuggle". Tuesday she actually told me "Put arm round me. I want snuggle."
  • Em was yelling "Sissy come here!" and Maddy was ignoring her. So Em yelled "MY SISTER come here!!"
  • Maddy and Em want to be Elsa and Anna for Halloween (can't say I'm surprised) so I asked Sean if he wanted to be Olaf. He told me "no, I want to be something scary!" That's my boy!
  • Ummm...ok..Em is demanding that her name be Sleepy Moody. At least the name fits at the moment...
  • When we introduced Gizmo to the new pup Em told Gizmo "Gimzo, this is a friend." 
  • After I helped her put these (see picture on the right) on she told me "mama, I'm not a tutu girl." 
  • Em just randomly told me: "Mama! I didn't bonk my head!" I'm very glad she did not bonk her head while sitting on the floor drinking her drink. lol
  • Things you never thought you'd say "no, you have to wear your pants until we get home." Em is always asking to take her clothes off.
  • Em about daycare baby: "I really like him. He love me. He want to stay." and then gave me a pouty face when I told her that he would be going home when his mommy came. 
  • *sigh* Gotta love 2 yrs olds "Mama! I hungry!!" "Then eat your dinner." "I can't like to!"
  • Richard told Em to hold her horses. She turned around looking around the room saying "where's my horses?"
  • How can I say no!? Em just came to me with her blanket and a paci and said "snuggle please"
  • Em took off with my swiffer duster and then told me it was a big toothbrush. I told her "no, it's a duster." "duster? no way, it big toothbrush." "it's a duster" "ok it duster. I wike this duster! It my fabrite!" ...and now she's riding it around like a witch's broom. lol  
  • I'm going through a message I wrote a friend about middle of last year and found where I told her about this conversation I had with Maddy: Maddy likes to have someone stay in her room and talk for a little bit before she goes to bed. The other night babies and marriage came up. She said she's going to marry Sean. I told her she can't marry her brother. She sat and thought for a minute, then "AJ's not my brother. I can marry him!" She also says she's going to have 5 babies.
  • I just asked the kids to keep it down a bit b/c I'm starting to get a headache. Em tells me "you head hurt!? You need band-aid!"
  • I asked Em if she was my snuggle bug and she told me "No, I'm not a bug!!"
  • Remember the snail shell I found in Sean's pocket the other day?? Turns out it was more than just the shell and snails are pretty hardy. I did not find it the other day until I was putting the clothes in the dryer. It got left on the table and just now was crawling around there... We now have a pet snail named Gary.
  • I peeked in on the kids. Sean's still on Maddy's bed reading to her but she's already fallen asleep. 
  • I got a couple new skirts. I put one on and Sean said " Mama, you're beauuuutiful!"
  • Oh my! My girls were just fighting. Em has learned a lot from Maddy. They started by yelling "stop" "you stop" at each other. Then there was identical growling from both. It ended with them yelling "bad girl!" to the other. And not a minute later they are playing so nicely together....
  • Richard Rawls's getting Em in her pjs and this was their conversation: Em: "I can't go to sleep" Richard "Why can't you go to sleep?" Em: Because" Richard: "Because why? Because isn't an answer" Em: "Because I baby" Richard: "Well babies sleep a lot" Em: "Babies go sleep? No way!"
  • I did a little clothes shopping tonight and have decided that Em has to come with me everytime I shop for myself. In the dressing room she told me "ooooh that's pretty" everytime I put something new on.
  • This is Maddy. Her newest one is "When can I get up?" "In the morning" "How will I know it's morning?" "The sun will come up." "What if it doesn't happen?"/or/"What if I forget?"
  • Little boys...gotta love them... Sean chose the time while I was meeting with a potential daycare mom to let me know he learned the word "coccyx". He'd say it and giggle. Oh well, if that scares her off, she wouldn't fit in with our daycare family anyway. lol
  • Daycare baby (Tyler) has been "Baby" to Em...until today. All day today he was "Baby Brother"  ...but Sean was quick to reminder her that he is her brother, and Tyler is David's brother.

  • Maddy just told me that she will never be mad at me. I should have recorded that to play back 10 years from now....or possibly later today. lol
  • Em made Grandma proud last night. We had to run into Target for a couple things last night and when we walked past the shoes Em says "Ooooooh!!! Look at the shoes!!!"
  • As kids came into nursery Emily waves and says "hi friends!" 
  • I choose this one to end this post with, the pictures below go with it: Meet Baby Bug, the ladybug that was literary loved to death by Emily. Once it finally stopped trying to run away, Em swayed while singing a lullaby to it "Rock rock baby to sleep..." But then Baby Bug was missing. Em grabbed her face saying "Oh no! Where Baby Bug go!?" and eventually told me that Baby Bug flew away. RIP Baby Bug.

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