Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Get All The Facebook Updates You're Missing

If you are like me, you are frustrated that your Facebook news feed has dwindled down and you are missing updates from friends, family, and pages you've "liked". I think I may have a solution! This tutorial will walk you through how to get every post from the pages you've "liked" to show up on your news feed. To make sure all of your friends' posts show up in your news feed, just follow this tutorial but go to your friend list instead of your "like" list. A fair warning, this is tedious and time consuming but it's worth it.

First, you will need to go to your profile, not your news feed page. Right under your cover picture is links to other parts of your profile. Click on "More" and then, in the drop down menu, click "Likes".

Once you're on the next page, you will see another list of links, under the ones right under your cover picture. There will be another "More". Click it and then in the drop down menu, click "Other Likes".

You will then see a list of all the pages you have "liked". For each page you will do the following:

Hover your mouse over the page's profile picture. A check mark and "Liked" will appear. Hover over that. First thing you will want to do now is make sure "Show in News Feed" is checked. If it is, you will see "Settings" under it. Click on "Settings".

Another drop down menu will appear. Click on "All Updates". Now all updates from that page should appear in your news feed. Now just do it for all the other pages you've "liked". As I said before, you can do the same thing for your friends list. I also went ahead and used this time to weed through pages and friends. ;)

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