Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feb. 16th - March 4th in Pictures

Feb.  16th
Not the best picture but it's the only one I got that day.

Feb. 17th
Em has learned to color and she loves it.

Feb. 18th
Reading with a friend.

Feb. 19th
Breakfast: Em now sits at the table with the big kids.

Coloring again.

Feb. 20th
Taco night: Em enjoyed it.

So did Spencer.

Photo fail of the big kids! lol

Feb. 21st
Sleeping beauty

Feb. 22nd
Donuts and coloring

Once the sugar high wore off they needed some down time. 
Cartoons to the rescue.

Feb. 23rd
No picture...oops!

Feb. 24th
The coop is nearly done!!

Feb. 25th
Em welcoming our new daycare baby. If you look closely you can tell that Em was actually patting her back.

Feb. 26th
Happy birthday me!! Sean told Grandma that a princess Lego set would make a great gift for me. I love it!

Caught red handed! Maddy moved her pillow and blanket to her door way so she could look at a book at bed time. I didn't make her move and she eventually fell asleep like that; book open and all.

Feb. 27th
Em thought she's big enough to skip naps. She was down for the night by about 6:00.

Feb. 28th
Em loves her new friend! 

March 1st
"Whatcha doing daddy?"

March 2nd
Already loves books.

March 3rd
The chicken coop and run are done! More on that in a later post. For now, here's the kids with the chickens.

March 4th
A story of the pug and the chickens:

Gizmo says "hi, do you want to play?"

The girls gang up:

Henrietta takes off chasing Gizmo. You can just barely see Gizmo's back leg right under the nest box. Later, Gizmo had her front paws on the wire. Betsy, with wings flapping, charged Gizmo, jumped up and kicked Gizmo's paws. I'm sad I missed that picture.

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