Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeding Time

As you probably know, I run a small daycare out of my home. I currently have 3 daycare kids. One is full time, two are part time, meaning two days out of the week there are 6 kids here all 4 and under. Crazy? Maybe. But it's a lot of fun. Meal times can get crazy but usually it's just entertaining. Today was a little comical. So, for your entertainment, feeding time at Mama Dani's house:

Today's story starts an hour before lunch. Sean begins asking me "Is it lunch time yet?" I swear we just had snack not long ago! He keeps asking every 5 minutes or so until I ended up making lunch a little early. The big kids get settled down at the little table. I surround the littles around me and begin the one bite for you, one bite for you, one bite for you, one bite for me. Here's where it gets funny. The sound track to lunch begins: "mmm" "more" "yum" "that". And the fingers start going: pointing, signing "more", signing "milk". I look over at little Emily, who's sitting next to me in the bumbo. She's watching everyone closely and starts pretending to chew. Soon baby but let's not grow up too fast! I must have slowed down because their mouths are empty and the anxious, panic sounding "more" and "that" beginning. Fingers are moving faster, signing and pointing. I give them each another bite and hear "mmm" "mmmm!" "yum!" I give them each their last bite. The littlest one signs and says "done!" and that's it! They are off to go play. I look at the floor. It's amazing the mess they can make so I call Annabelle, our canine vacuum. Annabelle loves the babies!

I love my job!
My littles:

*Used with parents' permission*

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  1. Cassandra EdwardsMay 8, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    That is so awesome! I love little ones they have the best expressions and sayings! I used to have a dog that would clean the floor as well, very funny to watch as they anxiously wait to be let in to do their duty! Keep having fun, I love reading your blogs about the various things going on!