Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farewell Keme

It's a sad day here today. Hubby brought Keme, our mutt, to the SPCA this morning. We had a pretty scary night last night. Just like every night, we got the kids to bed and then hubby fed the dogs. Last night Keme got done eating first and went to eat Annabelle's. Annabelle didn't take kind to that and gave her a warning growl/bark. Keme responded by biting Annabelle's neck. Just as hubby got to them, Keme lifted Annabelle a little over the floor and gave her a shake. Hubby fought with her to release Annabelle but because she had locked her jaw, it took awhile. It probably wasn't a really long time in hind sight but in the moment, it felt like it lasted forever. I instantly knew that Keme was no longer welcome in our home. I love Keme but with small children and small animals, that's way too much of a risk to have in our house. I'd never be able to live with myself if something happened to a child, mine or otherwise. Annabelle was in obvious pain but seemed to be doing better than I thought she would; she even tried to jump on the couch. I called my brother who agreed to drive hubby and Annabelle to the emergency vet; I had to stay with the kids. The next couple hours seemed to drag on. Finally, they were home. Annabelle was still a little drugged up but she was good. She's on pain meds and an antibiotic. We're making sure she rests and are watching to make sure her wounds heal well. I'm sad not to have Keme here anymore but I know we made the right choice. I would never feel comfortable with her ever again. Sean hadn't fallen asleep by the time this all happened and came out to the living room while we were checking Annabelle over. I briefly explained that Annabelle was hurt but ok and was going to go to the doctor. After they left for the vet I sat down and talked to him about what happened. This is when him cracking his head open and needing stitches last year came in handy. It helped him understand. I also explained that Keme did it to Annabelle and since we don't want anyone else getting hurt that Keme was going to go to a new home. He was ok with this thankfully. He then proceeded to stay up until everyone was home, around 1:00! The one time Sean got really upset was when he told me that he wanted two dogs. That was before I could explain to him that Annabelle was ok. Two dogs is not out of the question but it won't happen anytime soon. When it does happen, it'll be a small dog, probably a pug. For now, I'm beyond thankful that Annabelle is ok.
Annabelle resting up

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  1. Oh Poor Annabelle. I got a lot of grief over our doxies but I know we made the right decision. I miss my Annabelle every.single.day. They are happy and thriving though. The two girls could just NOT get a long and even after we rehomed the 'trouble maker' it seemed Annabelle was just NOT ok with small kids. After her lunging at P's face and I literally shoved arms in front and pushed them both backwards, I had to make a hard decision. When you have kids, even when you love your dogs as much as your kids you KNOW that you have to do whats best for your children. Only so much gating/separation/juggling your whole life can happen before one day, something slips and you can't ever take that back. You made the right decision. I hope Annabelle heals quickly, she's lucky!