Friday, June 25, 2010

June calorie count

Tonight finished up Sean's first week long calorie count.

Sat 19- 1013 cal
Sun 20- 1004 cal
Mon 21- 945 cal
Tues 22- 793 cal
Weds 23- 868 cal
Thurs 24- 1369 cal
Fri 25- 787 cal
Week total- 6779

Week Average- 968.4

Not bad!! Recommended calories for his size is 880 (AAP) or according to the USDA (the ped agreed)- atleast 1000. What we learned and what our plans are... some days he isn't even near the calorie count he should be at. Most days he's not anywhere near where his calcium intake should be. On the days that he's not eating alot and being picky, he'll get a pediasure with his bedtime snack. I'm on the search for a calcium supplement but am also going to push calcium rich foods. We'll do another week calorie count near the end of July...right before his GI appointment (30th).

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