Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kids Say {And Other Cute Moments}: February - July 2015

This has been sitting and growing in drafts for way too long:

  • As Emily hugged Boomer she told me "I wiped boogers on him." I never thought I'd have to say "We don't put boogers on dogs."
  • "Stay out of the commeration" - Em
  • Em calls Molly (daycare baby), Wally.
  • Richard said the snow was starting to accumulate on the cars and Sean said "I want to see the cars human-ating"
  • Em starts whining so I asked her what's wrong. Em: "These ears!!" Me: "What's wrong with your ears?" Em: "I hear sounds!" 
  • Em's the first of my kids to have an imaginary friend...well really 2 imaginary friends. They are Jen and Jake. Em says they match so that means they are twins. But she says their hair doesn't match. Jen has black hair and Jake has blue. They have a blue house and tonight they made "cookcakes" (cupcakes) with blue icing.
  • Sean: Next time we have mashed potatoes we have to have gravy! Em: No!! I don't like green beans!!     ???
  • On the way to the y Maddy told me "I'm going to play and workout and wear myself out so at bedtime when my head hits the pillow I will be passed asleep." btw passed asleep = fast asleep + passed out
  • I told the kids that we were going to get their rooms cleaned up before we go to the y. Em told me "I can't clean. I don't have 3 hands." Nice try! Lol
  • Backstory: the day before Em went in the stay and play room at the y by herself while Sean and Maddy went in the interactive play room. I knew she did fine but the next night I found out how well. Turns out she now has 2 boyfriends...
  • As she pushes on my belly Em says "Mama! You're squooshy squooshy" Gee thanks! 3 yr weight loss motivation??
  • Maddy told me "Glitter makes everything beautiful!!" 
  • Knock knock jokes made by a 3 yr old....Knock knock Who's there? Banana peel Banana peel who? Banana peel chicken     ??
  • Talking about her new baby cousin, Hayley, Em says, "I like Hay-o-wee."
  • Listing the pets we have Em told Grandma "and we have a Boomer." 
  • We kept a rabbit and the kids named him Sven. Dad was asking if the name was Swedish. Sean "He is really sweet!"

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