Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goodbye Sweet Girl: A Memorial for Annabelle

This weekend we had the heartbreak of saying goodbye to our 8.5 year old dachshund. We're not exactly sure what happened but she wasn't acting herself the day before she passed....which gave me this gut feeling that I couldn't shake. I'm sad to say that I was right and she was nearing her end. Annabelle was my first dog and I couldn't have asked for a better pup. She was born on Valentine's Day 2006. We brought her home when she was incredibly tiny! She couldn't even get up the steps to the apartment we were living in at first!

One of her favorite toys started out much longer than her.

Annabelle knew how to get comfy. Her favorite fabric by far was fleece. She'd bury herself in it when she slept and wake up with "frito feet". ...a smell it seems all doxie owners know.

Her first trip to the beach: She had a blast but the sand caused a bit of trouble. All she wanted to do was sniff the sand...which caused sneeze after sneeze. Check out those flapping ears as she ran!

One thing she seemed to love was getting that last drop of my dad's beer. ...she is a German breed after all! Her and dad had a special relationship. For awhile, anytime she would greet dad she'd roll on her back and pee.

Annabelle had a boyfriend. His name was Apollo and he was a parakeet. Annabelle would spend time on the back of the couch just watching him, exchanging kisses every once and awhile. This is where her middle name, Avian, came from.

She was a nosey thing. Always knowing what was going on outside.

But she did have a problem with her ears. They didn't seem to stay in the correct place...seems another dachshund problem. ;)

And don't forget her crazy long tongue!

She was great with cats.

 And wonderful with the kids....especially loving when they were eating  ;)

Goodbye sweet girl. We love you and you are missed something terrible. I know you're waiting for us on the rainbow bridge.

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  1. Awww. This is such a sweet tribute to your first fur-baby.