Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful November: Part 2

November is thankful month. Part 1 of my thankful list can be found here: Thankful November: Part 1.

Nov. 16th - I'm thankful for a husband that puts up with my urban homesteading ideas.

Nov. 17th - I'm thankful busy Saturdays that get us out of the house and out to see friends.

Nov. 18th - I thankful for lazy Sundays.

Nov. 19th - Today I'm thankful for the extra bed in our room that the big kids climb into most nights. Without it I would have missed Sean's middle of the night belly laugh.

Nov. 20th - Today I am thankful for a city council that voted to approve keeping up to 6 hens!!!

Nov. 21th - I am thankful that sometimes when 1 door closes, another opens.

Nov. 22nd - Today I'm thankful for family. Especially that we have so much that lives close by.

Nov. 23rd - I am thankful for my parents. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Nov. 24th - I am thankful for our home and that we're not renting.

Nov. 25th - Today I'm thankful to have a second job at a church nursery and the unexpected side benefit of having the kids attend Sunday school.

Nov. 26th - Today I am thankful for Maddy; our awesome little social butterfly.

Nov. 27th - Today I am thankful for my polite children. Sean and Maddy made me proud using their manners at dinner.

Nov. 28th - Today I'm thankful that honey helps my throat since my voice went into hiding on Saturday and has yet to completely come back.

Nov. 29th - I'm thankful for Emily. She is truly a blessing to our family.

Nov. 30th - Today I am thankful for health.

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