Monday, October 8, 2012

Best Shots: Oct. 8th

One day this week Em decided that she didn't want to nap when the big kids did. So while she sat in my lap talking to me, I pulled the camera out. The little stinker thought the lens cover made a great toy and just had to hold it if I had the camera near her.

My favorite picture of the week is not a great picture if you go by photography rules. To be able to get decent lighting, I had to really up the ISO which made the picture quite grainy. The story behind the picture is why I love it. Here's it's story, Wednesday morning I had gotten up after nursing Em back to sleep and was in and out of the room as I got ready for the day. Sometime during this Sean had gotten up and quietly gone into the room. I walked in to find him kissing his baby sister. I of course quickly went and got the camera. He was still kissing her when I got back so I snapped the picture below. He then just sat there watching her so I told him to just be quiet so not to wake her and I stepped out of the room again. As I walked out, he started kissing her again. Shortly later I hear her wake up. As I walked in, Sean told me, "I guess I kissed her too much". 

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