Friday, April 17, 2009

Madison's Birth story

Ever since the day Maddy was born I have be reliving in my mind her birthday. It was such a positive experience…I’m a bit sad that’s it’s all over and done with. I never want to forget the details from that morning so I’ve written my birth story…

I was awoken on Wednesday, April 1st a little before 3:00am with a contraction. Didn't think too much of it b/c I had been getting them off and on all night. Went to the bathroom and discovered my bloody show. At that point, Sean woke up to nurse. It caused a contraction that hurt like hell and then they kept coming. I started timing them and they were coming every 4-5 minutes so at 3:30 I called my midwife, Blair. She said to time them for another half an hour and to call her back. Then I called my doula, Amara to let her know it was time…Amara was actually my second doula. My original doula, Heather, was at the end of her pregnancy and was put on bed rest. I also called my mom. She came to get Sean and took him to Aleacia’s. By 4:00 the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and much stronger. I called Blair back and said we'd be there soon. We (mom, dad, Richard and I) got to the midwifery center about 4:30ish. I had to spend a little while with the belts on. That was the worst part. I was also checked and I was already 7cm and 100% effaced. Then Blair asked if I wanted in the tub. I don't think I've ever gotten undressed so quickly. lol The tub was AWESOME! It cut the pain by at least half. It’s amazing how I just turned into myself and knew exactly what to do. At about 5:20, Richard’s mom, Connie, arrived. I then hit a phase where I couldn’t help but give a little push at the peak of every contraction. And then the contractions and every bit of pain disappeared for a few minutes. It was very odd but it felt great. When the contractions came back, they didn't really hurt but I couldn't help but push. The urge was so strong…no one would have been able to stop me. And pushing felt wonderful then. Blair then said she wanted to check me to make sure my cervix was completely gone…it was. At about 7:00 my water broke. I had actually reached down to see if I could feel the head. I felt the bag bulging out and it popped in my hand…a very strange feeling. Madison was born at 7:08...6 lbs 11oz 20in...just a little bigger than Sean was. I love how she looked when she was born. She did not cry, she just gazed up at me...pure bliss!! I did tear but just slightly. I didn't even need stitches. It's amazing how every bit of pain went away as soon as she was born. I feel amazing...nothing like I did with Sean (had an epi). While cradling Maddy in my arms, I climbed out of the tub to the bed to deliver the placenta. Richard and I laid in the bed with Maddy on my chest. She knew what she was supposed to do and was latched on and nursing in less than 20 minutes after being born. Maddy’s birth was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Yes, it hurt but I’d do it again in a heart beat. I’m actually looking forward to the labor and birth of my next child.

Here's a video I made for Maddy...I was so blessed to have such a wonderful birth experience.

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