Friday, June 6, 2008


For the past week Sean has been using the potty sometimes. No, I'm not potty training him...I'm just listening to his cues and doing something about it. I've noticed there are times I know he's about to pee or poo and I started thinking.."why not put him on the potty and save a diaper". Well, it worked. He now stays in a dry diaper for hours. He even will get fussy right before he has to go and if I get him to the potty in time he goes in the potty not his diaper. Sometimes I swear he holds it for a little while hoping for me to put him on the potty. He wakes up from naps dry so I put him on the potty as soon as he gets up and he goes! Same thing with right after he nurses. The other times it's almost a guessing game but I'm learning his cues. It's very exciting and he seems happier when he goes in the potty because he's not wet...which he HATES being wet!!!

Pee peeing in his new potty...he looks so proud!

He even pee peed on a tree while camping with the boy scouts

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