Monday, December 29, 2008

My visit with Bella and Blake

Peanut and I went to visit Bella and Blake this morning. I was a bit worried that they may have forgotten about me since I haven't seen them since the end of June. I could barely get in the door and take my coat off before Blake wanted me to pick him up. Bella was her normal reserved self but I could tell she was glad to see me...she's matured alot in the past 6 months. After a little bit, Blake looked at his mom and asked, "When are you leaving!?" He stayed glued to my side almost the whole time. After a couple of hours, Peanut got fussy (ready for a nap) so I started telling them I'd have to leave soon. Blake then asked, "Why!? I want to go too!!" So his mom and I explained to him that I needed to go to my house and that Peanut needed a nap. That wasn't enough for him. He wanted me to stay or him to come with me. When I was about to walk out of the door I had to give him several hugs and kisses. The last one I was actually out the door. He grabbed hold of me and I had to actually pry his hand off my coat. It broke my heart but it also made me feel so good. He did NOT forget me. The visit was great but it made me miss them even more. Why do kids have to grow up!? I'd love to go back and be their nanny again. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they'll be 4 in March!!

Oh! Their mom told them that I had another baby in my belly... That started a whole string of questions from Blake..."Why?" "How'd it get there" "Did she eat it!?" "How does it fit" "How big is it" and he was still going when it was time for me to leave.

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