Saturday, February 2, 2008

3 Months

Sean's 3 month birthday was yesterday!! I just can't believe it. He's growing up so fast. It's somewhat sad but also somewhat exciting. I'm going to miss these baby days but it's so exciting when he learns something new. I few weeks ago he found his feet...couldn't keep his eyes off of them. lol Now when he's sitting he'll grab onto them. He can hold on to a rattle and shake it. He doesn't understand what he's doing yet though because he'll hit himself in the head. When laying in the play gym or standing in his exersaucer he'll swat at the toys. He even tries to reach the mobile on his swing. He loves to stand now...I guess that's why he loves his exersaucer. And the most shocking thing is he's teething already!!! He drools like crazy and will grab onto your hand and bring it to his mouth to chew on. He's getting to the point where he'll chew on one of his teethers and even hold it to his mouth for maybe a minute. It's so amazing watching a baby grow. I enjoy every minute of it. I just wish he would slow down...I don't what him to grow up so fast. We're going to get his 3 month pictures done this afternoon. I can't wait! I even made him a special diaper!! embellished prefold.

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