Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mommy Moment: Self Care Update

Goooood morning!! ....uh, or should I say afternoon... It seems I've missed blogging.

I recently started vlogging on YouTube. Haven't seen it yet!? Then check it out: Dani's Family!

I love vlogging. The kids really seem to enjoy it as well...they were after all the ones that suggested it first. But I've noticed there's times I want to post something but not really video something.  Or I just want to talk about something and sitting in front of the camera takes too much out of me, I've never been one for public speaking, though I try to push myself. I think a mix of blogging and vlogging might be the solution. So...I'm back!!

Today I am going to blog about a video I posted a week and a half ago. It's one of those sit in front of the camera and talk kind of vlogs. I'm still surprised I did it. There were several takes and a bit of editing. I still think I look and sound awkward but it is what it is. Here it is if you haven't seen it yet:

I'm wondering if anyone else has joined me in this challenge. I'm happy that I've made the decision to make sure I have some time to myself every night. I have only missed 1 day of yoga but that night I still wrote in my journal. I've made headstands and crow as my yoga goals. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen that I've progressed on my headstands a lot. I haven't been practicing crow as much so from no one I am going to alternate which one I practice. Something I've changed since the video is where I practice yoga. I've moved it into my room. I turn out all the lights but my himalayan salt lamp and it's much cozier. I still like using my headphones. They just really help cancel out distractions.

So, anyways, I guess I'll keep this post short and sweet. Till next time; bye bye!

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